The Multifaceted Role of Theatre Patron Services and Marketing

 An in-depth conversation with Megan McMahon, the Patron Services and Marketing Manager at PURE Theatre. The discussion covers Megan's multifaceted role at the theatre, encompassing ticket handling, subscription management, marketing, event planning, and overseeing donation campaigns. The script delves into Megan's journey to theatre, starting from her high school involvement in theater, her college years majoring in theater and arts management, to her eventual role at PURE Theatre. The conversation highlights the rewarding aspects of her job, the challenges of customer service, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the theater industry, and the importance of patron relationships. Megan also shares personal anecdotes, including her initial reluctance and eventual appreciation for piano lessons, her aspirations for further professional development, and her passion for theatre production and management.

00:00 Introduction: The Joy of Theatre
01:15 The Swiss Army Knife of PURE Theatre
01:48 The Journey into Theatre
04:46 The Role of Music in Theatre
08:42 The Challenges and Rewards of Patron Services
10:31 The Rhythm of a Theatre Season
17:05 The Future of Theatre and Personal Growth
23:02 The Power of Patron Relationships
25:33 Conclusion: The Value of Theatre Work